One more... Bakhtiari Folk Music...

Alidaad Lajmi
The Folk Music of Bakhtiary

01 - Gole Gandom
02 - Gole Bahaar
03 - Hamsafar

04 - Daayni Daayni
05 - Jeyraan
06 - SHamaayel

07 - Negaar
08 - Bazaft
09 - Bi Kalaam




 Folk dance and music is an inseparable part of Bakhtiari marriage ceremony so that no celebration is held without these kinds of music and dance. In Bakhtiari tribe, folk dance is a sign of solidarity , unity and affection.

All dance hand in hand alongside each other . In case of individual dance, like Choo bazi, the purpose is to show one’s power alongside a music which reminds us of war. In Bakhtiari dance sessions, women sing poems and songs with their warm and haunting voice to complement the music.

Men respond with pleasant and exciting poems and incite audience’s enthusiasm depending on the ceremony. Dance is a symbol of emotional independence, unity , and harmony for the tribe members.

The tribe members’ group dance shows that all members are unified against any foreign attack and are determined and unanimous to preserve their cultural assets.

”The presence of men and women in dancing together confirms the role of women in the tribe and the men’s respect for them. These symbolic dances show that men are aware of the role and value of women in social activities” (Mahmoudi Bakhtiari 2008).



MarviniusMartinium said...

years and years ago I saw a whole series of cds on regional folk music of Iran, would you have any of it?....these releases are different...

Miguel said...

maybe you are looking for these:

Naghmehaye Iran Zamin ?

with a ltlle help of google you might find some...