All together now...

Massoud Shaari
Christophe Rezai


01 Presence 10:44
02 Journey 15:47
03 Fervor Of Love 08:50
04 Complaint 14:23
05 Rejoicing 09:1


Massoud Shaari - Setar
Christophe Rezaï - Composer

Darshan Jot Singh Anand - Tabla
Manu Codjia - Electric Guitar

and Reza Asgarzadeh



Journey is the fruit of collaboration between two musicians, Massoud Shaari, a traditional Iranian musician and a virtuoso of Persian setar and Christophe Rezaï, a French-Iranian composer of European culture.

Journey is introduced under the form of five pieces for Setar evoking four different modalities and therefore four different ambiences of traditional Persian music.

The Indian tabla (played by the Indian Darshan Jotsingh Anand), closely linked to the setar, takes us further to the east towards Indian tradition, which has many common points with Persian music.

Furthermore the accompaniment by classical or contemporary orchestral formations such as Strings, Electric Jazz Guitar, Sound Effects... takes us to the west towards the "European musical tradition" of the 21st century.

Journey is based on five pieces for setar evoking different modalities and ambiences of traditional Persian music. The Indian tabla, closely linked to the setar, takes us further east while classical and contemporary orchestral formations such as strings, electric jazz guitar, sound effects... pay tribute to European musical traditions of the present day.

Massoud Shaari

Born in 1961 (Tehran, Iran), started playing Santur at the age of 13 and soon his tendency to Setar led him to master Dariush Talai. In 1982 he started practicing Tar with masters Mohammad Reza Lotfi and Bahari, but his vocation for playing Setar became most apparent under the mentorship of master Hossein Alizadeh.

Since the mid 90s and parallel to his musical creation, he is actively teaching Setar and theory of traditional Persian music at the Open University Tehran and his self-established Hamsaz musical center.

So far he has recorded four albums (solos snd duo for setar and tabla). Shaari has also assisted Christophe Rezai in the composition of the Persian part of the "Peace Anthem for the 3rd Millenium" in June 200

 Christophe Rezai

Born in Toulouse, France in 1966, Christophe Rezai studied music (theory, piano and vocals) alongside his college education in hydraulic engineering and marketing. As a composer, he has written the scores of a number of French and Iranian films and documentaries.

A tenor, he co-founded Aria Musica, a group that staged numerous concerts in Iran and India. He further established the Nour Ensemble, whose repertoire focuses on medieval, baroque, Kurdish and Persian vocal music. The Nour Ensemble has been featured in a documentary produced by Arte in 2002 and has performed in numerous concerts in France, Iran, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Korea and Austria. In the summer of 2004, Nour appeared in a second musical documentary, this time filmed at the Babakan Castle in Firouzabad. The arrangements of Journey (2001, Hermes Records) is also among Christophe's musical activities.

In 2003, Rezai won the first prize of the Avignon Film Festival for the best Film Music. Since then, he has concentrated on writing music for films and on developing the Nour Ensemble.

 rickdog says:

I absolutely love this recording.  This is contemporary Persian music, simple in orchestration but cinematic in sound.  The main instruments are the setar ... the tabla ...  These ... instruments are accompanied in parts by modern string orchestra, electric guitar and sound effects.  The result is sonically sensual and multi-textured.  For those not familiar with the fantastic contemporary music coming out of Iran then please check out the Hermes record label for consistently high quality releases.



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