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Mehrdad Torabi
Siyavosh Akbari


01. Chahargah - 17:28
02. Abu Ata - 13:32
03. Araq, Qarai - 15:08
04. Bayat-e-Esfahan - 17:42    

Setar: Mehrdad Torabi

Tonbak: Siyavosh Akbari




 Mehrdad Torabi is a famous teacher of Tar and Setar who has written instructional books on Setar. He himself was one of the top students of Jalal Zolfonoun

 Siyavosh Akbari & Mehrdad Torabi

 Setar (Persian: سه‌تار‎, from seh, meaning "three" and tār, meaning "string") is a Persian musical instrument used across Greater Iran and Central asia. It is a member of the lute family, which is played with index finger of the right hand. Two and a half centuries ago, a fourth string was added to the setar. it has 25 - 27 moveable frets which are usually made of animal intestines or silk. It originated in Persia before the spread of Islam.




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