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Big Mouth
Afro-Hispanic Music from Venezuela


01. Belén Palacios - Bocón
02. Maximilanio Huice - Yo Vine A Pasar Unos Tiempo
03. Tambores De Caraballeda - Apolinaria
04. Agustin "Chupa Caña" Rivas - Gallina No Tiene Teta
05. Agustin "Chupa Caña" Rivas - Yo Vengo Regando Flores
06. Los Veteranos - La Batalla
07. Los Veteranos - La Juruminga
08. Los Veteranos - Poco A Poco
09. Los Veteranos - Saragosa
10. Celsa Duarte - Un Saludo Vengo A Dar
11. Maria de Jesús Monterota - Mi Cochina
12. Conjunto San Juan De Curiepe - Carángano
13. Tambores de Naiguatá - Dale El Culo Al Viejo
14. Tambores de Naiguatá - San Juan 'ta Borracho
15. Los Tambores de Tarmas - San Juan De Tarmas
16. José González a.o. - Comadre Juana
17. Pedro Pablo Hernández - Adios Pueblos Cantadores



 A selection of beautiful field recordings of deeply rooted music from several Afrovenezuelan communities. Afrovenezuelan music—long marginalised—has lately become part and parcel of Venezuelan popular culture. But still it remains something of a terra incognita to the outside world. You may find that this CD opens up new rhythmic horizons to you.

The drums are a key to understanding the Afrovenezuelan universe. The drum family is quite extended, with easily distinguishable regional—and even local—types. The most important groups of drums represented on this record are the mina and curbata, the tambores redondos, and the cumacos. But Afrovenezuelan music is not just about drums; it also comprises other instruments, dance, literary invention, and lyrical improvisation. It becomes a synesthetic experience, a sensually encompassing artistical musical complex.

Each self-respecting village boasts its own golpe - its own individual rhythm, a symbol of the continuity of tradition and the unity prevailing in the village. This record presents music from the Afrobarloventeño region and from the villages of Caraballeda, Naiguatá, Tarmas and El Tocuyo. The accompanying booklet contains extensive information about the history and social meanings of these musical styles.


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