TheTaste of Cocoa...

Son de Chuao
Sabor a Cacao


01. Mi Tambor (My Drum) - 2:17
02. Sabor a Cacao (The Taste of Cocoa) - 4:28
03. Bailar Con Mi Negra (Dancing with my Girl) - 4:06
04. La Cochina (The Pig) - 1:49
05. Se Formó la Rumba (The Party has Begun) - 4:45
06. La Cueva del Mato (The Cave of the Lizard) - 7:20
07. Cuando Suene un Tambor (When a Drum Sounds) - 3:13
08. Sirena - 0:23
09. Loé - 2:04
10. No le Rompas (Don't Damage the Drum) - 4:01
11. Corozo (The Fruit of the Custard-Apple Tree) - 2:38
12. Román - 5:24
13. Mi Bandera (My Flag) - 1:57
14. Venezuela es lo Mejor (Venezuela is the Best) - 1:52
15. El Mono (The Monkey) - 10:22
16. Los Cumacos de Chuao (The Cumaco Drums from Chuao) - 6:35
17. La Campana Suena (The Bell Tolls) - 0:41




 Afro-Caribbean percussion music and dance from Venequela's Cocoa Coast

The history of the blacks in Venezuela is closely linked to cocoa. The best cocoa is said to come from the region of Chuao. Here the offspring of the former slaves still play music which relates to their original African culture. Their drum dances, in which the cumaco drums play the central role, are energetic, frantic and fiery, and embody the collective memory of the Afro-Venezuelans.


 Chuao is a small village located in the northern coastal range of Venezuela. It was founded in the 16th century. The village is famous for its cacao plantations, where some of the finest cocoa beans in the world are produced. The village is surrounded by mountains and dense rainforests to the south Caribbean Sea near the Henri Pittier National Park the oldest national park in Venezuela created in 1937. There is no road access and visitors must come by boat from the town of Puerto Colombia along the coast, or by foot, crossing the mountains and the luxurious cloud forest from Turmero near Maracay.

In the Chuao plantation there are currently pure Criollo and hybrid varieties of cacao being grown. Criollo beans from Chuao are of very high quality, and are considered Venezuela's finest beans together with Porcelana Blanca beans from Lake Maracaibo (another genetically pure variety of Criollo). Amedei, an Italian chocolate maker, and Chocolate NAIVE, a Lithuanian bean-to-bar chocolate maker, offer chocolate bars made with Chuao cacao. Naive was the winner of the European gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards 2014.

In November 2000, the cacao beans coming from Chuao region were awarded an appellation of origin under the title "Cacao de Chuao" (from Spanish Cacao de Chuao) effectively making this one of the most expensive and sought after types of cacao.

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