Persian Piano

Hooshyar Khayam
Thousand Acacias


Sonnet I - XII
Performed by the composer Hooshyar Khayam (piano) 
plus Amir Minoo-Sepehr (violin) on track 12.




 The instrumental sonnets in this album are ghazals for solo piano resembling a long poem ("The Scent of Petunias and the Acacias That Flow Through Them") by distinguished Iranian contemporary poet Ahmadreza Ahmadi. 

Hooshyar belongs to the new movement of composer-performers in Iran.

He is active as pianist, as composer, and as improvisor and collaborator in the realm of world music. His music has been performed by Hossein Alizadeh, Aram Talalyan, Wayne Foster-Smith, Todd Palmer, and Stephen Prutsman among other artists. His works include music for solo piano, large symphonic ensembles, string orchestra, improvisational works, vocal works, music for film and for theater, and arrangements/revisions of traditional music of Iran.

He has been performed at Lincoln Center, University of Cambridge, University of London, Spoleto, Stefaniensaal Graz, and has hold concerts in Moscow, Tbilisi, Kiev, Berlin, New York, Charleston, Florence, Yerevan, and Tehran. His compositions have been premiered by Naregatsi Chamber Orchestra, Ukraine National Symphony Orchestra, Tehran Philharmonic, and Tehran Youth Symphony Orchestra.

He is the first prize award winner of "Franz Schubert and Modern Music International Composition Competition 2011" for his trio "I Waited for You in Rain".

He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, and is currently an independent musician.



dugg said...

This sounds delicious, perfect for a hot dark summer night. many thanks for the chance to hear this and for all your work on what is a terrific blog!

Miguel said...

Thanks d : )

yes, you are right... terrific (the music)


That's why we have a follow up today :-)