To the Children of Iran

Hooshyar Khayam
Amir Eslami
All Of You


01. Our Story - 9:17
02. Cheering - 4:07
03. Strum - 4:27
04. Mourning (Zaar) - 6:12
05. Troubadour - 5:05
06. Illusion - 3:37
07. All of You - 7:14
08. Dawn - 2:23
09. Flowerscatter - 5:29
10. Our City - 10:23
Hooshyar Khayam: Piano
Amir Eslami: Ney


Music for Ney and Piano
 All of you (duet for piano and ney) is in its core an improvisation. Most of the pieces have been performed and recorded only once with no edits or retakes and only some use the technique of multilayer recording to achieve the desired effect. Sonorities heard are all of acoustic nature performed by the musicians and generated on their instruments 
 Born in 5th January 1971 in Isfahan, Iran.
Started Ney (Iranian Flute) from 1986 in Isfahan.
 Hooshyar Khayam (born 1978) is an Iranian pianist and composer. 
He was born in London into a family of artists. His father Massoud Khayam is a novelist, and his mother Pariyoush Ganji is a painter.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for so much interesting, new-old Persian music. My nephew's married a Persian emigre, and I've long found their varied music a woefully neglected one here in the West.

Miguel said...

Thanks for your comment :-)

True, true...

MarviniusMartinium said...

thank uou again Miguel.....again a small gem of Persian music....where do you find this music? por favor eu tenho que saber a sua cave... the joias...


MarviniusMartinium said...

amazing modern music ....pushing the boundaries of old and new and creating new boundaries in turn..

Psikofobi said...